Power, Passion & Purpose

At any given moment, I'm reading 3 to 5 (or more) books and often have 40 or so checked out from the library — not to mention ones I've purchased. And lately I've been reading a lot of material on Power, Passion & Purpose.

Now, I've known for years what my Life Purpose and Mission were but I always took the easy way out and found every excuse in the book to ignore it.

But as 2006 began to dawn, I felt a magnificant pull towards fulfilling that calling. I suddenly found myself unemployed — about a day later — a situation that was totally unexpected at the time, though now I see it as the catalyst that was required to propel me into my destiny, if you will.

Personally, I don't believe in destiny. I believe we have free will and we choose our own path – whatever that path means for us. However, at the same time, I believe we each were Created for a specific Purpose.

And mine is to lead others to their own Personal Power using my coaching, writing and intuitive gifts. To that end, my Mission Statement is – "to use my compassion, writing and intuitive gifts to assist others in discovering their Personal Power."

Over the years, I've discovered different pieces of my Purpose and have finally put them all together. Let me tell you what an awesome feeling that is. Although things might not be "ideal" right now, I know the Universe will carry me and provide whatever I need in every moment.

See, the Universe is abundant – the Universe is Creation. And every thought we think, every feeling we feel, every word we speak creates Now. We can only live in Now. The past is gone, the future isn't guaranteed. All we have is Now.

Right Now.

This one moment.

Make the best of it!

This article is just the beginning of what’s possible and though I’ve condensed it down into an easy to read and follow dialogue, it certainly isn’t a complete course. If you’ve enjoyed this article and would like more in depth information on this subject, consider purchasing a copy of my upcoming book “Everlasting” due out in Spring 2006. To be included on my advance notice list, please send me your name and email address and I’ll make sure to let you know the minute it’s available.

Thank you!

Blessings for our greatest good,
Annie Anderson

Annie Anderson is a life coach, writer/designer and investor.
You can find out more about Annie and her work by visiting her
website. Simply click here. This article is not for publication
without obtaining written permission from the author.
All rights reserved. Copyright 2006 Golden Pearls Publishing.


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