From the Desk of LeAnne Anderson…

Dear Fellow Investor,

Ever read a some guru’s real estate course and felt like the only thing it did was create more questions than answers? Maybe it left you feeling as though something were missing. Maybe you didn’t even finish reading it.

Whatever the case, I’m willing to bet what it lacked was detailed instruction on research.

And no, I’m not talking about “due diligence” either.

I’m talking about plain ol’ research. You know, the kind the librarian was always trying to teach you in school.

But… Why should you listen to me?

Good question!

My name is LeAnne Anderson and I’ve been writing ever since I was old enough to hold pencil. But more important than that… I’ve been investing in Real Estate for about 5 years and before investing, I was a Realtor (don’t shoot me!).

But here’s the biggest reason – going back before all of that, I was in the Navy… And my job was primarily research.

The bottom line is, I’ve been doing some kind of research for the past 15+ years in some capacity or another.

Today, I spend 8 hours a day (or more!) researching real estate.


Because research is the most important part of any investing business. However, like I already said, research is not the same as due diligence.

I’m not talking about fair market value. Or about appraisals. Or even what the property might be worth.

Listen up, because this is important…

My mentor once (okay, more than once!) told me…

It’s not about the house!

What?? It’s not about the house???


Then, what is it about?

I’m so glad you asked!

It’s all about locating the owner and making contact with him or her. And THAT’S what we’re talking about.

Sure, we used to believe in all that due diligence hype – and that’s not to say we don’t do our homework where that is concerned – but it’s so not about the house!

Today, our primary goal is to find properties in various forms of foreclosure and locate their owners. We find properties and owners with huge problems that they want to walk away from.

And that’s where our research starts.

So, what’s in this eBook?

We’re going to talk about lots of things that all tie into research as well research itself.

Table of Contents

    Death Notices/Probate Filings
    Is Your County Information Online?
    How To Cross-Check Records
    What IS Public Information?
    Supporting Documents
    The Freedom of Information Act
    Creating Your Plan
    What Is The Name of The Department?
    Finding Owners
    Who Should Be On My Team?
    Finding Heirs and Other Interested Parties
    Further Property Research
    Code Violations
    Talking With Neighbors
    Abandoned Properties
    Writing Letters
    Unlawful Detainer (a.k.a. Evictions)
    Following Through
    Bankruptcy Filings
    Making the Deal
    Divorce Filings
    Getting to Closing
    Civil Suits

No fluff, no hype, no generalities… this is all pure, usable information. I’m not going to be beat around the bush and ho-hum around. I know you want REAL answers. Unlike other REI courses, I’m not going to leave you feeling lost or empty.

Once you read this eBook, you can go right out into your own marketplace and put the information to use immediately, right now. TODAY!

Included in the book are screen shots and samples of the most important points so that you can see exactly what you’re going to be looking for in your own town. All you have to do, is GO DO IT!

Real Estate Research Basics will teach you where to look, who to talk to and what to say. No more scratching your head when you get to the courthouse or when you’re searching online – this book will give you the answers you’ve been looking for. Now realize ONE thing – and I’ve repeated this in the book – the department or document or info you’ll be looking for MAY BE called by a different name in YOUR area but I have done my best to give you clues to help you figure out what it might be called where you live so that you can get the most out of this book possible.

So . . . having said that, I invite you now to get your copy today —- for only $97! SUMMER SPECIAL NOW ONLY $67 FOR A LIMITED TIME!

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Thank you and Happy Investing,