Free eCourses

Welcome to the Free eCourses page! Check out the free courses below and sign up today!

Mini eCourses –
These are typically email courses that come to you weekly for a period of weeks or perhaps just once depending on the scope of the course or lesson. I’m working on getting an autoresponder set up for these (though I am a bit reluctant to do so as I like to personalize the message to each person) so in the meantime I am delivering them the “old fashioned” way – by typing out the lesson and emailing to those who request them – please be patient with me as people are often on varying schedules.

The Centering Method – this is a simple, 6-step method for clearing your mind and getting into the “groove” of things. Especially useful for artists, writers, painters and other creative types who find it hard to get into their work at times. 7 lessons emailed one lesson per day for 7 days to allow you to get the most out of the process.

Discovering Your Personal Power – thought provoking exercises and lessons that will help you uncover your personal power. A short version of the module in my 6 week Golden Pearls of Power course. 6 lessons emailed every 2-3 days to allow you plenty of time to do the lesson exercises.


1 Response to Free eCourses

  1. fireandarose says:

    I’d love to sign up for both of these courses–how do I do so?

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