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Free Report: Overcome Writer’s Block

Although I’ve already posted this elsewhere, I wanted to share it here as well. If you haven’t been over to my 30 Day Challenge blog lately, you might not know I recently posted a series on Overcoming Writer’s Block. It … Continue reading

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I’ve been so busy with everything that I’ve been neglecting you! I’m so sorry! But the good news is that I’ve gotten a lot accomplished in the last several weeks and pretty soon, I’ll be uploading all of that stuff … Continue reading

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Gary Halbert, The Prince of Print

I just received news that Gary Halbert, the infamous copywriter, has passed away. Apparently he died Sunday in his sleep. You can find a bit more –here-. The world has lost a great copywriter. ~Annie

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Just a few updates to share today – I’ve added more mandala designs over at Go to the ASAdesign site for a link. More stuff on the Reading List. I’ll post it later this week. Will be posting some … Continue reading

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Mandala Gallery

A few days ago, I posted about my new mandala designs that can be seen over at the ASAdesign blog and mentioned that I had plans to create posters as well as other products of them. Well, today is that … Continue reading

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Mandala’s & Some Other News

I’ve been experimenting with creating digital art and have made several mandala type designs which I’ve posted for your perusal over at ASAdesign. There will be more posted in the near future but do please go take a look at … Continue reading

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Just wanted to remind you what all is available to you on this blog. You’ll notice several tabs above. Each one contains a description of what I do and who I am – each of the “hats” I wear, if … Continue reading

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I am finally back today after a horrible round of illness including an abscessed tooth and a sinus infection. I have now been on antibiotics for almost a week and can finally be productive. If you’ve contacted me any time … Continue reading

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Weather, Chills & Anniversaries

And the chills are not from the weather . . .  rather, they are from my still slight fever. I do feel better today, though. At least, a little bit. It’s still snowing, too. Well, not so much still falling … Continue reading

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Upates. . . and Then it Snows!

Yikes! It’s the end of February and here it is snowing in Western Washington!  We have already had our fair share of the white stuff this year. It certainly does make one want to move south for the winter. Or … Continue reading

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