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Inbox Zero

Maybe you spend more hours staring at your inbox, waiting for that next email fix to arrive, than you do with anything else. Email was meant to be a PRODUCTIVITY tool but for many of us, email is a really … Continue reading

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A list building riddle: rhymes with sea

Hi everybody, see if you can finish these sentences… (hint: the answers all rhyme with “sea”) 1.  It builds your squeeze page for ______. 2. It gives you thousands of highly targeted subscribers for ______. 3. It sends you cashable … Continue reading

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A millionaire’s personal rolodex is now yours…

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I’ve been so busy with everything that I’ve been neglecting you! I’m so sorry! But the good news is that I’ve gotten a lot accomplished in the last several weeks and pretty soon, I’ll be uploading all of that stuff … Continue reading

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Just wanted to remind you what all is available to you on this blog. You’ll notice several tabs above. Each one contains a description of what I do and who I am – each of the “hats” I wear, if … Continue reading

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I am finally back today after a horrible round of illness including an abscessed tooth and a sinus infection. I have now been on antibiotics for almost a week and can finally be productive. If you’ve contacted me any time … Continue reading

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Spring is Coming!

As if our weather wasn’t strange enough last week with 6 inches of snow falling, this week we’re experiencing record highs! Even as I write this at 9 pm, it’s still 61º outside!! Well, all I can say is that … Continue reading

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More Updates, Part 2

I will post some header design ideas tomorrow after I have setup the images on my host site. So far, I have about 4 designs including the one currently posted as the header. They are all roughly similar but slightly … Continue reading

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Updates 2.22.07

Just a quick blurb about some changes I’ve decided to make, a few of which I have just finished putting in place. More changes will happen in the coming days. The first change was to create a new space for … Continue reading

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The Key to The Secret

We’ve been discussing the Law of Attraction lately and so far, we’ve covered many components. A couple days ago, we talked about Gratitude and it’s role in LoA. Now, I’d like to discuss what I believe is *the key* – … Continue reading

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