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30 Day Challenge

A couple of days ago I ran across this thing called the 30 Day Challenge and it looked very interesting, so I joined. Basically, what happens is for 30 days, these 2 guys from Australia – Ed Dale and Dan … Continue reading

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Inbox Zero

Maybe you spend more hours staring at your inbox, waiting for that next email fix to arrive, than you do with anything else. Email was meant to be a PRODUCTIVITY tool but for many of us, email is a really … Continue reading

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Just a few updates to share today – I’ve added more mandala designs over at Go to the ASAdesign site for a link. More stuff on the Reading List. I’ll post it later this week. Will be posting some … Continue reading

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Mandala Gallery

A few days ago, I posted about my new mandala designs that can be seen over at the ASAdesign blog and mentioned that I had plans to create posters as well as other products of them. Well, today is that … Continue reading

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Mandala’s & Some Other News

I’ve been experimenting with creating digital art and have made several mandala type designs which I’ve posted for your perusal over at ASAdesign. There will be more posted in the near future but do please go take a look at … Continue reading

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Blog Stats, part 2

Just a comment really, in regards to my post yesterday on Blog Stats. Interestingly, about 95% of my hits are coming from people looking for info on The Secret. I love that! There is lots of information on this blog … Continue reading

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Review: Apple MacBook Pro, Part 2

You may have noticed I’ve been absent lately. My poor Mac was sick!! Just after Christmas, my MacBook Pro began behaving rather badly. It was barely 30 days old at that point. After much back and forth with Apple Care … Continue reading

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Abundance Checks

A while back I was doodling around and as it happened, I was looking for some Abundance Checks that I could download and print out. Well, I couldn’t find any I liked very well, so being a graphic designer, I … Continue reading

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