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The Weight Loss Papers, 2

It seems a lot of people are finding this blog using keywords and searches that include weight loss, vegetarian, lose weight, Isagenix and many related terms. So, thank you for arriving here! I hope you enjoy your look around. Please … Continue reading

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This Video shows TV Actor’s success with 7FigureCode

I’m not one to promote a million products and you know I don’t do it very often but I really like this guys products and I *do* actually use them in my own business. So here’s a blurb and a … Continue reading

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Passport to Wealth

I recently joined a great program I’d like to share with you. Your membership includes thousands of dollars worth of products and much more. Here’s a quick letter to tell you about it. I look forward to seeing you on … Continue reading

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Review: Isagenix, part 3

As you may know, I’ve been doing the Isagenix program now for quite some time. I’ll admit, though, that I haven’t followed it religiously. In fact, I’ve been rather lax. But the good news is that even still, I have … Continue reading

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A millionaire’s personal rolodex is now yours…

The Resource Report Free $97.00 Value Get The Resource Report Absolutely Free with “No Strings Attached” Get your FREE copy of The Resource Report. $97 value. Click Here to Get It Now

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I’ve been so busy with everything that I’ve been neglecting you! I’m so sorry! But the good news is that I’ve gotten a lot accomplished in the last several weeks and pretty soon, I’ll be uploading all of that stuff … Continue reading

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Just a few updates to share today – I’ve added more mandala designs over at Go to the ASAdesign site for a link. More stuff on the Reading List. I’ll post it later this week. Will be posting some … Continue reading

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Al Diaz and The Titus Concept

As many already know, Al Diaz, creator of The Titus Concept is a very good friend of mine. And I’m not just saying that as marketing hype or whatever. We’ve been friends since mid-2005, having met on a yahoo group … Continue reading

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Review: The Secret, part 3

Suddenly there are hundreds of people coming out of the woodwork with their variation of *the* “missing key” to the Law of Attraction as espoused by The Secret movie. You know what bothers me about that? There isn’t just one … Continue reading

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What’s Ahead & Weekend Review

So . . . I didn’t get the header variations done. Ok – some, but I haven’t had time to get them posted to my image host. Sorry. I did, however, make a new post over at The Write Point … Continue reading

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