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Free Report: Overcome Writer’s Block

Although I’ve already posted this elsewhere, I wanted to share it here as well. If you haven’t been over to my 30 Day Challenge blog lately, you might not know I recently posted a series on Overcoming Writer’s Block. It … Continue reading

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13 Things I Enjoy

Just to add some additional interest to this blog, I’ve decided to participate in a meme I’ve been reading on others blogs for a while. It’s called the “Thursday 13” and here is my entry for this week. Hope you … Continue reading

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Quick Update 9.6.07

Gosh! I bet you guys feel like I dropped off the planet, huh? I’m so sorry! Since August 1st, I’ve been participating in an online training called The 30 Day Challenge. So I’ve been busy blogging over there at my … Continue reading

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Reading List

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Reading List for the week and I’m later in the week than usual but here it is nonetheless (it’s a really short one!): 1. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows by JK … Continue reading

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The Weight Loss Papers, 2

It seems a lot of people are finding this blog using keywords and searches that include weight loss, vegetarian, lose weight, Isagenix and many related terms. So, thank you for arriving here! I hope you enjoy your look around. Please … Continue reading

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I am a stubborn woman . . .

First, I owe you an apology. It seems there is a reader who is frustrated with my choice of content here lately and so I’d like to take a moment to tell you all that I’m sorry if you feel … Continue reading

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30 Day Challenge

A couple of days ago I ran across this thing called the 30 Day Challenge and it looked very interesting, so I joined. Basically, what happens is for 30 days, these 2 guys from Australia – Ed Dale and Dan … Continue reading

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Inbox Zero

Maybe you spend more hours staring at your inbox, waiting for that next email fix to arrive, than you do with anything else. Email was meant to be a PRODUCTIVITY tool but for many of us, email is a really … Continue reading

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Good Marketing Post

I found a good marketing post today to share with you . . . about Jack the Ripper. Yes, really. But I’m not sure if I’m getting the trackback right or not so here’s the link just in case.

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Intentions & Goals

Some people call them intentions. Some say goals. Others may call them milestones. But they are pretty much the same – they are things we desire to do, things we strive to accomplish. They are our dreams. I call them … Continue reading

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