American Idol: Amanda Nails It!

I don’t know if you watch American Idol, but I love it. One of the few shows I’ll watch regularly. Music is one of my favorite pastimes and this week on American Idol, Amanda Overmeyer nails it!

She has a very cool edgy blues style voice that is totally Joan Jett or Pat Benatar-ish (2 of my favorite ’80’s rockers, btw) and tonight she rocked the house with Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Loving You.” Sweet! The song really showed off her style and her voice. It was a great song pick for her.

My other two favorites in this years contest (for the girls) are Ramiele Malubay and Syesha Mercado. I keep missing the guys on Tuesday nights, last night because I was sick in bed, so I really can’t say much about them. From what I have heard, though, I think it’s David Archuleta and Jason Castro.

And I’m sure someone out there disagrees me – I’ve seen tonight’s comments on the AI message boards 😉 but that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

So – it’s been way too long since I posted here. Sorry about that. Between school, family and everything else, I don’t always have time to for my “side” projects. But I’ve got a plan to keep on top of things here so expect to see more posts again soon. Of course, you can always check out my other sites like Annie Anderson | Blog, where I spend much of my time lately or the new Weight Loss Papers blog.

See you soon!


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