This Video shows TV Actor’s success with 7FigureCode

I’m not one to promote a million products and you know I don’t do it very often but I really like this guys products and I *do* actually use them in my own business. So here’s a blurb and a video for you all to check out.


“Reality Television” stars Armando and Veronica Montelongo
from this #1 hit show “Flip This House” on A&E television
attended the event with ZERO Internet experience.

Teaching them that they did not have to do it all themselves
what just what they needed to hear. They had the idea and
a great product…

They took notes at the 7 Figure Code workshop and the
first month after their site went live, the made over $40K
in sales.

In there first 3 months, they made over $120K in sales.

Now, I am sure while being on TV might help them to
get some traffic. But, being on TV does not teach them how
to create a site that makes money. It does not teach them
how to create an information product. How to do up-sells,
and how to build a list and all that… and how to get it
done fast!

Basically, traffic means NOTHING until you know how
to monetize it.

You can go here now to see these star on video now…

Just click here . . . and enjoy!



PS – The price is going up in a few days, so make
so to get there before the price increase.


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