Mandala’s & Some Other News

I’ve been experimenting with creating digital art and have made several mandala type designs which I’ve posted for your perusal over at ASAdesign. There will be more posted in the near future but do please go take a look at them now and bookmark it 😉 so you can check back again.

After several long weeks of soul-searching, I’ve decided to resign from the Real Estate business (other than writing about it or creating artwork for others in the profession) and focus on what really “lights my fire” – writing and design. Real Estate has been a wonderful career path for me and I have learned a lot in many areas including customer service, negotiation skills, and even writing skills. But the time has come for me to move on to do the work that is my life path – ultimately, that is to help others. The two mediums that best express that ideal for me are writing and design.

I will continue to provide relevant information on the REI industry as well as articles and such to help those now embarking down that path to make the most of the career they’ve chosen. It is a very lucrative career and I have enjoyed every moment of it. If it’s something you feel the desire to do, please, by all means – follow it and feel free to write me with questions you may have about foreclosure investing or investing in general. I will do my best, as always, to respond to them.

So – for now, though, stop listening to me ramble on and please go check out ASAdesign.

And then, come back here tomorrow for another Reading List.



PS – Here’s a taste of what you’ll find over at ASAdesign . . .



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