Reading List

Lots of good stuff on this week’s list!

  • Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue
  •  Detox Handbook by Jennifer Harper
  • Entering the Castle by Caroline Myss
  • Herbs in Pots by Rob Proctor
  • The Hidden Soul of Words by Mary Cox Garner
  • It’s All in Your Head by Mark Pettus
  • Pain Free For Life by Scott Brady, MD
  • Secrets of a Freelance Writer by Robert Bly
  • Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman
  • Master Your Metabolism by Lewis Harrison
  • Being in Balance by Wayne Dyer
  • Evolution, Creationism and Other Modern Myths by Vine Deloria
  • Goddesses and Angels by Doreen Virtue
  • Invisible Acts of Power by Caroline Myss
  • Walking Through Walls by Lee Jampolsky
  • The Writer’s Little Helper by James V. Smith

A little longer list than usual but there’s so much good stuff! I have more, too, and may even post another list in a day or two. Hope you find something you like on this one.




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Hi, I'm Annie - coach + visionary + storyteller + founder of One Generation Peace Project. Mom of 4, living in the great Pacific Northwest near Seattle. I love books, music, reading, computers, writing, old VW's, cats, the ocean and coffee.
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