Review: The Secret, part 3

Suddenly there are hundreds of people coming out of the woodwork with their variation of *the* “missing key” to the Law of Attraction as espoused by The Secret movie. You know what bothers me about that? There isn’t just one missing key. And technically they aren’t missing.

The problem is misinformation. Or, actually, a lack of complete information.

The Secret is a great movie for learning the basic information about the Law of Attraction but it is by no means complete. There is no way ALL of the message of this important topic could be taught in one film. Likely not even in one book.

And anyone who says there is ONE missing key to The Secret is wrong, at best. There are many keys, many other laws that ALL work in tandem to create this thing we call Life.

And equally important to the fact there are several “keys,” for lack of a better term, is the fact that they really aren’t missing.

See, you have inside of you everything you need to aid you on this journey. There is nothing missing, per se. The problem is that many of us don’t know how to adequately tap into all of the powers resident within our being.

It is my belief that when we are in alignment – truly in alignment – with Spirit, all of those tools will be open to us and we will know instinctively where they are and how to find them.

Therefore, I surmise that the “missing key” – if indeed there is one – is being in alignment with Spirit, completely and totally.

I know – there are probably people who don’t agree with my assessment and that’s ok. Part of the beauty of living is that we each are entitled to our own opinions. 😉



PS – Reading List and more coming soon! Check back again in the next day or two.

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  2. admin says:

    I have personally seen the movie and i can say that it was a good movie for motivating people in dwelling in the positive side of their lives. As to the law of attraction, i can see your point about the total alignment with the Spirit. And I thank you for bringing this idea out.

    Maybe there is one way to learn more on the law of attraction as stated on the movie. The creators of the movie launched a seminar called the science of getting rich seminar. This seminar, I believe, will touch more on the application of the law of attraction.

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