Updates 3.15.07

Perhaps you noticed I’ve been absent the last week. Sorry.

Remember my sinus infection? Well . . . about a month ago, I had part of a filling in one of my teeth come out. That, as you can probably guess, caused a hole in my tooth. Well, that hole was deeper than I thought it was and something got stuck in there and caused an infection. Apparently, it’s also what’s causing my sinus infection. So, I spent most of yesterday at the dentist and now have an antibiotic and some other meds to take. With any luck, it will take care of both infections and all will be well.

So, I may not be posting much for a while. Just know that I am here and if you need something, please don’t hesitate to email me.




About Annie S. Anderson

Hi, I'm Annie - coach + visionary + storyteller + founder of One Generation Peace Project. Mom of 4, living in the great Pacific Northwest near Seattle. I love books, music, reading, computers, writing, old VW's, cats, the ocean and coffee.
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