Weather, Chills & Anniversaries

And the chills are not from the weather . . .  rather, they are from my still slight fever. I do feel better today, though. At least, a little bit. It’s still snowing, too. Well, not so much still falling – it’s just 6 inches thick on the ground – but it could, according to Mr. Weatherman, snow a few more inches later. Oh I hope not!

Today is my husband and I’s anniversary. I think he’s more excited about that than me, though. Oh don’t worry – it’s nothing bad or wrong. Things just aren’t always as exciting as they should be when one is not feeling well. Not that I’m *not” excited – anniversaries are very special things but being happy about something takes additional effort when your insides feel like they’re turning inside out. Or something like that.

So, the big news today is that The Write Point blog is now listed on Authors Blogs! How cool is that? I wasn’t sure it was going to get listed at first because I’ve just revamped it somewhat, changing the direction of the content, and I didn’t much of the “new” content up yet. But it was approved today and I’m so excited!

Anyway, the kids are bugging me about going outside to play in the snow before it melts. (Ok, ok! I know, I shouldn’t be going outside when not feeling well, but who else is going to go outside with them?)




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One Response to Weather, Chills & Anniversaries

  1. bigh008 says:

    Not feeling well?? So sorry to hear that!! Take care of yourself, lass!! We LOVE ya!!

    As for the anniversary, don’t stress about it!! Hubby understands, that comes automatically!! He IS a great guy, he married YOU, after all!!



    PS…TAG!! YER IT!!

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