What’s Ahead & Weekend Review

So . . . I didn’t get the header variations done. Ok – some, but I haven’t had time to get them posted to my image host. Sorry. I did, however, make a new post over at The Write Point blog.

What’s Ahead –

I’ll be posting a new Reading List tomorrow. I also have a few other things planned for the week including a call for submissions for your stories about The Secret in action. I’m going to be including these stories in a new book I’m writing about the Law of Attraction and The Secret. Should be fun! I can’t wait to hear everyone’s successes! Lots more stuff, too, so please sure to stop by regularly.

Now, for the Weekend Review –

Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend!




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Hi, I'm Annie - coach + visionary + storyteller + founder of One Generation Peace Project. Mom of 4, living in the great Pacific Northwest near Seattle. I love books, music, reading, computers, writing, old VW's, cats, the ocean and coffee.
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2 Responses to What’s Ahead & Weekend Review

  1. bigh008 says:

    The Secret in action?? Dang, now I’ve got to start seeing movies!!



    PS…TAG!! YER IT!!

  2. Annie says:

    Yes, you do, Howard! 😉

    Go to http://www.whatisthesecret.tv or click on The Secret logo over there in the sidebar.


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