Review: Apple MacBook Pro, Part 2

You may have noticed I’ve been absent lately. My poor Mac was sick!!

Just after Christmas, my MacBook Pro began behaving rather badly. It was barely 30 days old at that point. After much back and forth with Apple Care and various diagnostic steps over the last 3+ weeks, it was found that one of the RAM DIMMS was faulty. It’s now repaired and as you can see, here I am!

Now, I must admit – I was a little irritated that my Mac started having problems when it was still practically brand new. But as a person with 10 years experience repairing PC’s, I knew it was possible for hardware to fail even straight out of the box. It happens. Still, though, I wasn’t happy. I mean, come on! Only 30 days old and it’s got problems? After spending $4700 (laptop, software, accessories, etc) I was wondering if I’d done the wrong thing.

Although I’ve *never* had such a problem with a new PC, I do still love my MacBok Pro just as much as when I first decided to buy one. And I’m so glad it’s fixed!


Because it’s so much more intuitive than a PC. It’s design is simple and yet elegant. It’s software is so much more user friendly. And the latest technology is built right in. It’s fast, it’s got lots of storage and it’s comfortable to use. Though it took me a little while to get used to the flatness of the keyboard, I’ve come to really like it. And the keys are indented instead of raised in the middle like most other keyboards. I find it easier to type when my nails get a little long than I did on my Compaq laptop (you know, that’s important for some of us girls!).

When I first got the Mac, I didn’t like Safari but with the right the add-ons, I’ve come to really like it’s ease of use and it’s design. Now to just figure out how to subscribe to RSS feeds within the browser! The only problem I still have with Safari is that some websites just aren’t compatible with it. When that happens, I use Firefox (which I always used on my PC also).

The best things about my MacBook Pro:

Built-in wireless
Built-in bluetooth technology
Long battery life (about 3 to 4 hours depending on the settings)
Indented keyboard
Backlit keyboard (one of the *best* features!!)
Wireless Mighty Mouse
Widescreen LCD
Magsafe power cord
Built-in iSight camera
And Mac OS X Tiger is pretty good too!

The only thing I regret about buying my MacBook Pro is that I didn’t buy either a second one or an iMac too!

I’ll be updating this Review periodically so check back every now and then!




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