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I read an article a little while ago that says baking affects the Puget Sound. Now, since I live in the Puget Sound region, I thought that was interesting. And while I’m sure the research has some merit, I’m a little skeptical.

The article is mostly about the possible environmental impact, stating –

So far, the research has turned up no evidence that snickerdoodles are harming sea creatures, but their research does lead to some serious environmental questions. Fish rely heavily on their sense of smell to locate food, for example, and, in the case of salmon, to find their way back to their home stream to spawn.

“All the spices have odors associated with them, so it’s interesting to ask whether they are there in sufficient concentration (for fish) to smell them,” Keil said.

Using benchmarks from a published scientific study, they were able to estimate that people in Seattle and a few outlying areas served by the sewage plant scarfed down the daily equivalent of about 160,000 butter- or chocolate-chip-type cookies and about 80,000 cookies containing cinnamon during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Very interesting, indeed. And something I will likely follow in the coming months as more research develops.

If water treatment plants and such are doing their jobs, is it really likely that this has an impact? And how could it? Even with the envrionment awareness, is this article saying that sewage and gray water products are STILL being dumped into our waterways? Why? That doesn’t make much sense to me.

Unless perhaps officials have been lying to us all along. Maybe that’s the key. I hope not. Though I am not in the camp that says we are ruining the planet for our children and grandchildren, I do believe what we do has impact on the environment and ought to learn as much as we can about the effects of our actions on our planet. And, we should lessen those effects as much as possible. Not just for the future generations, but for all the creatures we share this wonderful planet with.




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