Jack Canfield, Network Marketing & Weight Loss

Like many people out there, I’ve done some network marketing and like most, failed rather badly at it. Same with weight loss. Seems that nothing helps the pounds stay off. I can lose the weight for a while (though not always all of it) and within a few years, it’s back.

And I know – you’re thinking “What the heck does Jack Canfield, of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame, have to do with network marketing and losing weight?” Well, a lot, actually.

Recently, I was introduced to a company called ISAGENIX. Yes, it’s network marketing. But it’s soooo much more than that! They sell health and wellness products that truly help you get fit and healthy . . . and *stay* that way. And that’s where Jack Canfield comes in. See, he’s part of ISAGENIX – not only a distributor, but he’s used the products successfully. That’s how he lost weight and keeps it off.

Here’s his powerful testimonial in his own words –

I’ve Got An Incredible Story to Tell You About How I Finally Got Healthy, Clean and Lean… After a
Lifetime of Trying to Lose Weight!

Dear Friend of Chicken Soup for the Soul…
You probably know my good friend John Gray from his best-selling books, Men Are From Mars, Women Are
From Venus…Mars and Venus On a Date…and The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution. Well, recently ,
John introduced me to a new way of healthy living that I immediately benefited from — and that I want to
share with you today. If you’ve ever met me in person, you know that, for years, I carried around an extra
20-30 pounds. I wasn’t happy about it. In fact, I tried everything to get rid of it. Prepackaged meals.
Exercising like crazy. Even special diets. Nothing worked. At the time, I thought I was simply battling
middle-age spread and way too many meals on the road. Perhaps it’s my stressful schedule, I’d say. Or I’d
blame a host of other factors that we all know contribute to excess weight.
Of course, while all these factors can play a part in a person’s ongoing weight problem, what I didn’t know
was what really contributing to my excess weight in the first place.
The Real Culprit Is Not Excess Calories.
What I discovered is that, for most of us, the real culprit behind our weight problem isn’t the excess calories
we consume, but the preservatives, food additives, alcohol, environmental chemicals and other harmful
toxins we ingest. In fact, our body actually produces adipose tissue, or fat cells, as a kind of super-safe
storage facility specifically designed to hold these toxins. There, locked away in our fat cells, the body stores
chemicals that would otherwise harm the body’s vital organs and other tissues. As more and more
environmental pollutants, food additives, prescription medications and other powerful toxins enter our
system, the body produces more and more fatty tissue to store these harmful chemicals — and traps more
and more excess fluid to suspend these toxins within our cells.
Years of toxic buildup can start to overwhelm body systems and cause preventable disease such as:
-Headaches -Skin irritations -Candida (Yeast) -Depression -Poor memory -Low energy -Bloating or Gas
-Premature Aging/Wrinkles -Poor digestion -Weight Gain -Constipation -Insomnia -Loss of Hair -Age Spots
-Water Retention.
How to Rid the Body of Harmful Toxins: For thousands of years, the majority of the world’s cultures have
experienced the rejuvenating benefits of cleansing and fasting on fruit juices, herbs and refreshing clear
water. Even today, millions of people around the world cleanse on a regular basis, giving their bodies time to
rest, heal and expel harmful toxins that become stored over time. Of course, while these cultures don’t
cleanse simply to lose weight, the truth is,
detoxifying the body through cleansing is the first step to
losing amazing amounts of fat
. Why? When we detoxify, not only does the body release the fat, the liver
also gets clean — and gets much more efficient at metabolizing the fat our body is now eager to be rid of.
Why Cleansing Is Difficult for Most Americans: Detoxifying with fruit juice, water, exercise or other
methods can be quite beneficial. But for most Americans who are addicted to prepackaged carbohydrates,
sweets and other toxic foods, cleansing with simple juices and water just isn’t enough. We need to rapidly
replenish our body’s nutritional stores and cut the cravings, too. A Revolutionary New 9-Day Cleansing
System Eliminates Harmful Toxins and Cuts Cravings, Too. Remember I said my good friend John Gray
introduced me to this powerful new way of eating? For months, John researched products that could help
men and women alike detoxify rapidly, while getting every important enzyme, amino acid, vitamin, mineral
and nutrient. John discovered — as I want you to do now — an amazing system that immediately begins
whisking away fatty tissue and excess fluid — as it revitalizes the body’s digestive, nervous and other
systems and replenishes critical nutritional reserves.
It’s called Isagenix…and to say it’s sweeping the
nation would be an understatement.
The program begins with a simple 2-day cleanse on the Isagenix Fast-Start Cleanse Drink — a delightful
berry flavored drink you enjoy four times each day. Many people lose significant amounts of weight in just
the first two days, as their bodies turn from fat-storing to fat-burning. Two Isagenix capsules complete your
nutritional intake. For the next five days, eat one healthy meal you prepare, then substitute the delicious
Isagenix Meal Alternative Shake for your two other meals. At the end of the five days, cleanse another two
days on the Isagenix Fast-Start Drink. It’s that simple! If you still need to shed extra pounds, simply repeat
the 9-Day or 30-day Program until you reach your optimum weight. Along the way, you’ll be totally supported
with more than 240 nutrients that metabolize fat, aid digestion, boost energy and support cells and tissues.
Of course, these products do not contain ephedra, ma huang, kola-nut or added caffeine as stimulants.
I Personally Lost 33 Pounds in Just 35 Days!
Not only that, but my joints feel better. I’m light on my feet. I have incredible energy. And best of all — the
sweets, pastas, wines and other no-no’s I used to eat now have no hold over me whatsoever! Incredibly, I’ve
kept my weight off month after month, simply by making sure I have these nutrients in my body every day.
Now What About You? Can you imagine losing unsightly fat and trapped excess fluid quickly, dramatically —
and safely — as your body releases stored toxins and returns its systems to their optimum function and
It’s no secret — dramatic weight loss and profound health improvements are often a
welcome side benefit of the Isagenix nutritional program! Get Started Today! In the next 24 hours,
you too can take a step toward getting healthy, clean and lean. Click on link below to order the
Isagenix 9-Day Cleansing and Fat-Burning System. Or become a distributor like I did to purchase
wholesale and enjoy up to 40% off all Isagenix products.

Isn’t that a great story? If you think so and you’d like to learn more about Isagenix, please follow this link to my Isagenix associate page and check it out. Feel free to email me with any questions. Although I’m new to the system, if I don’t have the answer, I will find it!




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