Update on James Kim Story

I’ve just learned that the autopsy results by the medical examiner in Oregon, where James Kim, a CNet Senior Editor, was found Tuesday, show that Kim died of exposure and hypothermia. According to the story on Oregon’s KGW website, Dr. James Olson, the examiner who performed the autopsy, was unable to determine a time of death.

The report also said that Kim was found in The Big Windy Creek drainage in 1-2 feet of water laying on his back. Officials said he covered just over 10 miles of terrain – a remarkable feat. It looks as though he were trying to get to the town of Galice but underestimated the distance.

Oregon State Police Lieutenant Gregg Hastings says the Kims did nothing wrong during this ordeal and “they did what they thought was necessary to survive for several days.”

You can read the full story above using the link from “autopsy results.”


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