James Kim 1971-2006

Though I didn’t know James Kim, I am deeply saddened by his tragic passing. He was a true hero. I know there are some out there who disagree and who are hardened by this news; unfortunately, this type of situation brings out not only the best in people, but sometimes the worst, too. And all I can say is I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that people can be so callous and uncaring. I’m sorry that people can be so selfish, so heartless and unkind. I’m sorry that some have no compassion, no joy, no love in their hearts.

Personally, I think James was a hero. He did what he thought was right to try to save his family. And in that, he succeeded. He paid the ultimate price for his loved ones. His is the greatest sacrifice.

Kati, I hope your daughters grow up to be remarkable women and I hope they know what a wonderful father they had. A father who loved them so deeply, he gave his life to save theirs. You and they will be in my thoughts and prayers always.

Blessings all ways,


PS – You can see CNet’s tribute to James Kim here.


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