Larry King and The Secret

Last night I posted about the Larry King show and mentioned that you should check it out if you could find a copy. Well, today the transcript is posted on the CNN website! So go here now and read it – – lots of powerful information. You can also order a video of the transcript at the bottom of the page.

It’s raining in Washington today. Good day for writing. Or curling up with a good book or
watching a movie.

Some time ago on my other blog, I wrote a series of posts on the Law of Attraction. With all the good things happening lately that just keep getting better and better, I think it’s time we explore that topic again. Now that we’re all moved and pretty much settled in to where I can concentrate on writing, coaching and real estate, I’ll start posting again as often as possible including the Lesson of the Week and Reading List. Also look for some new stuff coming soon! I’ve got lots of ideas I’m itching to get going.

Have a great weekend!

Blessings all ways,


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