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The Winding Road of Summer

Summer is winding down. School is starting next week. And nobody is ready! Summer here in Washington has been anything but normal with temps some days in the 90’s and others in the 60’s. It’s been a wild roller coaster … Continue reading

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Details you’ve been waiting for . . .

. . .  are finally revealed! Announcing the brand new Relationships eCoaching program. Beginning September 5, 2006, 15 people will have the opportunity to take part in a new life-changing program specially designed for women who have experienced physical, emotional … Continue reading

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It’s All Happening Today!

After a very long delay, I’m happy to announce that my original website – – is finally back up!! Well, mostly, anyway. It’s *not* 100% complete yet, but it’s up and running with the basics and I’ll be finishing … Continue reading

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Can You Live Too Long?

Dear Friend, John planned to die young. He had every reason to live. He loved life, was healthy, happy and had a great career and a loving family. His life expectancy was good, but one small decision insures John will … Continue reading

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It seems lately that Spirit is seeking my attention. Before I was married to my wonderful husband, Dan, I was in an abusive marriage for more years than I care to count. People often asked me why I stayed in … Continue reading

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Reading List

Futurize Your Enterprise – David Siegel The Religion War – Scott Adams Traditional Reiki for Our Times – Amy Z. Rowland Herbal Tea Gardens – Marietta Marshall How to Retire Early and Live Well – Gillette Edmunds The Merlin of … Continue reading

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Updates 8.16.2006

Lots going on this week! I’ll get the Reading List out hopefully today, if not, tomorrow and will also post a Lesson of the Week soon. So, let’s take a look at what’s happening: I’ve become a featured expert author on! So far, there’s one article up there … Continue reading

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Butterfly Marketing

I don’t normally post stuff like this, but I think is worth it. If you haven’t checked this out yet, please do so soon as I hear the price will be going up shortly. The Butterfly Manuscript Is All You … Continue reading

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Updates 8.14.2006

I’ve decided to consolidate everything and revamp some of my sites so that’s taking up much of time this week. I hope to have it all ready by Friday. You can now subscribe to my newsletter! Just click this link … Continue reading

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Updates 8.10.2006

Happy Birthday, Mom! (<— Her b-day is today!) And my youngest son, Nathan’s Birthday is next week. I’ve updated the sales price for the RE Research eBook as noted yesterday. It’s on sale now for a limited time in honor of mom’s and Nathan’s birthday’s as well celebrating the end of Summer. To check it … Continue reading

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