Updates 7.1.2006

Hello! Sorry for the long absence. I thought I had my computer issues all resolved from when my son spilled coffee on my laptop, but . . . no. Apparently not. But – I am now back for sure! The computer is fixed and running beautifully! Lots of work in progress . . .

  • I just completed the design and layout of a new book and eBook about pet care written by a veterinarian. It should be available soon. I’ll post a link here when his website is up and running. You’ll be able to buy a paperback version or an eBook version.
  • *SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT* – My real estate eBook is now available as a paperback with coil binding so you can lay it flat and fold it open!!! You can purchase it through lulu.com. Just email me for the info and a link.
  • I’m almost finished with my newest poetry book. It’ll be available in paperback on lulu.com about the first of August. Not sure yet if I’ll do an eBook version or not. Let me know what you think.
  • My long awaited book “Everlasting” is nearing completion. Like the poetry book, it should be available about the first of August.
  • I’m accepting new coaching clients for the month of July. Please email me –here– for details.

A while back, I watched “The Secret” movie with Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Esther Hicks and others. I must say, it’s certainly changed my life. So many things have happened since it’s almost unbelievable. If I weren’t seeing them all manifest before my eyes, I wouldn’t believe it. If you have not yet watched it, I highly recommend it. Run over to their website at http://www.thesecret.tv and order it. You can watch it online for $4.95 or buy a DVD for $19.99, I think it is. You’ll definitely want the DVD.

Something else that’s changed my life is “The Titus Concept” by Al Diaz. Al is a very good friend of mine. I did the layout, cover design, and logo for his book as well as his website – http://theonlyoption.net . Anyway, I began studying with Al in October of 2005 and he has helped reshape the way I think, the way I feel and how I live my life. His teaching is powerful beyond words. I owe a good portion of where I am now to Al’s leadership. Go check out his website and be sure to tell him Annie sent you. His book is available as a paperback, an eBook and an audio CD.

That’s all for the moment. Be sure to check back soon as I’ll be updating and adding new articles shortly.

Blessings all ways,



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