Updates 4.13.2006

Sorry for the sporadic posting lately. The kids have been on spring break and I've been working on my book in between getting our stuff ready to move soon. And things will probably continue to be sporadic for a few weeks. Hopefully about the first of May, though things will have settled down enough I can post daily.

One of the cool things I've discovered about running my site on WordPress here is that I can make posts and set them to show up at a particular time. For example, I could create a post now and put a "time stamp" of Saturday April 15, 2006 at 11:00 am on it and that post will not actually post until then. So – you'll see some posts here and on my other sites over the next few weeks that I've written ahead of time.

Hope you enjoy them!



About Annie S. Anderson

Hi, I'm Annie - coach + visionary + storyteller + founder of One Generation Peace Project. Mom of 4, living in the great Pacific Northwest near Seattle. I love books, music, reading, computers, writing, old VW's, cats, the ocean and coffee.
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